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Turn engaged customers into loyal fans.

Talking to users shouldn't be a chore. ttyu improves your engagmeent rate and retention by having you reach out to engaged users, collecting testimonials and uncovering untold stories.

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Your customers have stories to tell.

Know who you need to talk to

It's hard to identify engaged, loyal and satisfied customers because they rarely tell you about their experience. We can help with that.

Social proof is key β€” now get it

Successful businesses thrive on real users telling their stories. Once you have found these stories, ttyu makes it easy to collect and publish them in one place.

Collect sincere and honest user feedback

Surveys and automated customer feedback only go so far. Your best chance at getting honest feedback is with a personal email. No automation here.

Create long-lasting WOW moments

Getting a personal email from a tool you love is impressive. It is also proven that is increases retention and reduces churn.

Discovery engine

Using our privacy-preserving tracking or by tracking directly via API, discover those customers who are getting the most value out of your product.

Easy testimonial collection

Increase the wow-factor and response rate by reaching out directly to customers to hear more about their stories. Store testimonials right away for later use.

Dynamic customer search and outreach

Whatever else you may want to do – be it reward longterm customers with a deal or invite engaged users into a beta program – our filtering system makes it possible.

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Frequently asked questions

How will ttyu detect my most engaged customers?

Using our client-side tracking or our server-side API, you can track user actions, subscriptions and churn. The underlying engagement score is a function of that.

How can I use ttyu to collect testimonials?

You can reach out to customers directly via e-mail and put responses in a collection of testimonials, which you can display on-site.

What can I do with the free plan?

The free plan allows you to follow the journey of up to 1,000 users and detect the most engaged ones. If you want to start sending e-mails in-app, you will have to upgrade.

What does ttyu stand for?

Talk to your users.

What benefits am I getting from doing customer outreach and interviews?

Doing personal customer outreach improves retention, reduces churn and allows you to gain insight into how your powerusers use your product.

I'm concerned about privacy, what customer data is being stored?

We only store what you send us, such as time an date of specific actions, and only connect that data with an e-mail address if you tell us to. We never display individiual data and just use it as one part of the algorithm during the calculation.

What else can I do with ttyu?

ttyu is here for anything related to talking to your users, be it longterm customers, engaged users or recent churns.

Let's grow together

The bigger you get, the harder it becomes to find untold stories. Let's work on that together.


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  • Track Actions

  • Find most engaged users

  • Up to 1,000 MAU

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$ 49 /month
  • All in 'Starter', plus:

  • Direct E-Mail Integration

  • Testimonial Database & API

  • Custom Recipes and Filters

  • Up to 50,000 MAU


$ 149 /month
  • All in 'Growth', plus:

  • Priority Support

  • Up to 500,000 MAU

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